Hi and welcome to By Guess and By Golly. I'm Jessica, a cook, recipe developer and writer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I believe in eating seasonally and locally, and that by doing so we can dramatically change the way we feel and our impact on the environment and community around us. Here you'll find recipes that celebrate this way of eating. I do not condemn sugar, fat, wheat or animal proteins, but I do try to be mindful of where my ingredients come from and how they were treated along the way. Most of my recipes are inspired by what I find at the market or in my garden, and they're developed simply by trial and error, or, as my nana described it, "by guess and by golly." 

Similarly to the way conversation trickles out over the dinner table, you'll find, interspersed among the recipes, ramblings on the life I share with my husband, Nate, and our son, Jackson.